Jumat, 25 November 2011


Wassily Kandinsky said, when called to depose inner beauty is the passion and desire spiritual needs is a central aspect in art. Although for the worship of abstract art, but it means giving in-depth understanding of the art style to this day. Reflections on the shape and color in the form of artwork, generate an understanding. Eyes are the primary recording device is good, warm, calm, and even cold. Optical sensation is temporary when the transfer reaction thrilling artistic memory that echoed throughout the body. Thus, it is only a superficial character of the effect of works of art, sometimes does not leave a lasting impression, but the sensations imprinted in his soul. It is obvious that the sensation arises from the work of creative artists in character, stamped, or nicknamed. Including an understanding of the changing times which increasingly borne by the various problems of modernization changes, no doubt the subject of creativity that, as in the development of contemporary art that a lot of talk about the present. Is a comprehensive cultural perceptions of the cultural mindset of the pro-diversity trend that is absolutely encourage pluralism, emerged various schools of art that respond to modern art art kontenporer foster an even more modern.
Contemporary art practice and then referred to as the removal of various artistic tendencies characterized by increasingly gray boundaries between artistic disciplines. Therefore, intervention and social science disciplines was initiated as a popular knowledge or using the latest technology. Even the presentation of contemporary art out of bulkhead space and time. Universality in a variety of contemporary art shows a touch of art, even more than modern styles such as pop art and conceptual art. Excavation work conception with different characters as a means of propaganda strategy, which is like a push by social issues, society's ills, minorities, homosexuality, aid, terrorists, feminimesme, war, corruption, bad politics, global warming, and so forth. Exploration tended to combine a variety of equipment and materials, such as utilizing madern technology, digital media art or art as an encouragement explanations. Even the creation of works of painting, sculpture, and crafts are often found installed in its presentation. This is an effort to control the space-food, the effects of dramatization, adaptation of materials, and innovation of an art project.

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